March 25, 2010

Eet Eet Eet…

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I had all the best intentions of writing about my experience with my new therapist today, but I am so emotionally drained that I’m just not going to push it. I will probably be able to think about it clearer after a good night’s sleep anyways. Right now I’m simply  going to pop some popcorn and watch a comedy I picked up from Redbox called “Paper Heart” and relax from the intense mental/emotional work I did. Ok now I feel lame… I should be able to bounce right back, right? Instead of crying all of the way home and wishing I had my old therapist back? Ugh… I need to stop beating myself up. And over-thinking. Ok, fine, I’m done… I know, I’ll post a song that my friend shared with me a couple of weeks ago. It always seems to lighten my mood a bit… (Seriously, I bet you can’t listen to this without feeling at least somewhat more cheerful)… Ok really, I’m done writing now!



  1. saint said,

    This brought a smile to my face! I’m glad you liked the song! It’s so uplifting and inspiring… 🙂

    I love you, sweetie!

  2. Stacy said,

    Way to go on getting through that first appointment. I’ve been looking for a new therapist for a couple years. I saw my last therapist for 13 years and am not able to see him anymore. I’ve had so much troube finding someone new, tried about 10 different therapist over the past couple years. Finally I gave up and went with DBT for the past year. This coming Monday I’ll be in your shoes as I finally try yet again with a potential new therapist. It’s good to read your post. It helps me know what to be prepared for mentally. Sometimes when I’d have that experience of total fatigue after the first appointments I’d just quit, so knowing that other have that same experinece helps. I hope the next appointment isn’t as draining for you and that you feel more relief and support as time goes on.

    • Edde said,

      Oh thank you…Man it’s so hard to find someone you connect with… I’m still not sure about this guy. I’ll give it another session to see how it goes. I kind of wish I could just do DBT… But I wouldn’t know where to go for that. So ya, we’ll see. I may try to find another therapist if the next session doesn’t feel good. Sigh… trial and error, always!

  3. tiffk1023 said,

    Great, great song. Regina has some pretty amazing stuff. I just figured out how to play this on the piano too! What you’re going through with wanting your old therapist back is only normal. I hope things get better and make sure to keep us updated on your progress!

    • tiffk1023 said,

      p.s. I tried e-mailing you so I hope I got the right address!

    • Edde said,

      Way cool you know how to play this! I love Regina. Ever heard of Ben Folds? A similar artist who is very talented and original.

      After talking with my previous therapist today, we both decided that this new guy is probably not a good match for me… So, back to the search. Oh well… It’s good though. I didn’t like the way I felt after seeing him, and it was more than just normal nervousness… I just didn’t feel any kind of connection. And my old therapist is going to keep helping me find someone that works for me, so it’ll be ok… I hope 🙂

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