April 8, 2010

All is Gray

Posted in recovery tagged , , , , , at 2:44 pm by eddejae

I woke this morning fighting an enemy not seen, but felt.

The struggle has been exhausting.

I know the sunshine is bright, but to my eyes it is dull and faded. The colors of spring all around me are muted. Food does not satisfy. I cannot feel the water pouring down my throat or over my face.

I just want to sleep, to crawl in my corner, to surrender to the day’s shadows.

Existence is merely a burden today.

I feel… nothing.



  1. ivypixi said,

    Oh, no! This feeling will pass. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  2. Silly Girl said,

    She’s right. The feeling will pass and things will be better tomorrow.

  3. tiffk1023 said,

    Edde it’s been a while! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling this way lately. It pains me to hear of the struggles you’re going through. But this numbness feeling is not foreign to me either. Maybe you should just take a couple personal days to rest up and do what helps you relax best. I really hope that you will be able to get through this quickly, and know that I’m here for you–to listen and to talk to.

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