April 11, 2010

Debussy Dreams

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Dedicated to Aunt Sue.

Spirit-like sparks spring upward from cool, limpid lakes

And plunge into vermillion skies.

In the dark, dusky fragrance of nocturnal stillness,

Heavy beads of midnight’s tears settle sensually on my shoulders.

Melancholy caresses of ocean’s breath on my cheek,

The jealous wind slips its phantom fingers through my hair.

Flirtatious petals of velvet magenta brush across my lips

And flutter away into the creeping, clandestine fog.

Barefoot and carefree, I begin to twirl,

Faster and faster and faster still –

Arms reaching towards the azure canvas of space,

Wispy blades of gray-green grass tickling my ankles,

Spinning and spinning, the world a senseless blur –

Breathless I tumble to the earth quivering beneath my feet,

But the stars above me keep on whirling madly,

Dancing in time with my briskly beating heart –

I shut my eyes to the frenzied firmament.

Then, far off in the distant haze, strains of symphony –

Violin, flute, oboe, timpani –

Familiar knowing pierces through my dizzy brain,

And scrambling expectantly to the crest of a tangled hill,

I behold marching towards me an astonishing procession,

A fantastical assembly of forgotten childhood playmates –

Hurried rabbits clutching tiny pocket watches,

Mottled rocking horses with feathered wings,

Cerulean unicorns and frolicsome fairies,

Diamond-decked dragons and wise old wizards,

Tea-sipping fawns and clumsy patchwork girls,

Jaunty scarecrows and imposing lions,

Radiant princesses with glittering jewels,

Little girls adorned in red capes and hoods,

And chivalrous knights riding snow-white steeds.

A parade of long-missed fantasies resurrected,

Sleep-induced phantasms fading away,

Melting into the pink-and-gold-tinged sunrise.

The music remains –

Lilting melodies surreal,

Stirring the trees from their rapturous nighttime reveries,

Awakening from despairing dreams the mourning doves,

Still grieving the loss of some long-ago legend,

Prying open the alabaster daises sprinkled across the green,

Shaking the drowsiness from my eyes…

I awake,  regretfully –

Longing to linger,

To abide evermore,

In the midst of my Debussy dreams.


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