April 12, 2010

It’s Just Not My Day

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I can’t figure out what’s going on with me today. I didn’t wake up until noon, and ever since then I’ve been wishing I could just go back to bed. I’ve been feeling really fatigued the last several days, and it’s affecting me emotionally. I’m so afraid of slipping into a black depression again. Maybe my medication needs adjusted?

Or maybe it just needs to stop raining. It’s been pouring the last couple of days. Usually I enjoy this kind of weather, but I’m craving sunshine and the persistent damp, cold dreariness seems to be seeping into my very bones, making them ache.

It also seems that my brain has decided to take a vacation. Maybe it’s in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun. In any event, I just can’t concentrate on anything and keep doing stupid things. For example, today I put all of my clothes in the washer, dumped in the detergent, and then promptly neglected to turn the darn thing on.

Not to mention I’ve been especially clumsy. I think I acquired about five new bruises today just from running into things. You’d think I was getting beaten or something.

Let’s see… What else?…

Oh yes….

I have poison oak on my ankles.

I had to put my kitten on “time out” for attacking my hand like it was a juicy rat burger with a side of catnip. (Yes, my cat is my child. Go ahead. Laugh. See if I care.)

I completely zoned out in the store and probably would have stayed that way if my brother hadn’t snapped me out of it. No wonder he’s afraid to drive with me.

Oh, and my book came today. The one I wrote about last month about Boundaries. Liked it so much I decided to buy my own copy. Ya. Ordered it from half.com. Thought I got a deal on it – $1.67 plus shipping. Can’t beat that right? Right. Look what I found upon opening the package…

Mmhmm. That’s right. I set it next to a regular-sized book so you can see just how tiny it is. Ya, the buyer failed to mention it was a MINIATURE EDITION.

That’s it…

…I’m going to bed.



  1. Velska said,

    Yeah, today it’s sunny here. It certainly helps me feel sunnier! Besides, the best time of year is spring, anyways. Every day we have more daylight, and that makes me need less sleep and feel better and more energetic.

    But I’m very good at tripping on flat surfaces.

  2. ivypixi said,

    Sometimes I am shocked by our similarities. The other day you mentioned sharpies. I have two of every color ever made in every size. I love my sharpies. I did the exact same thing you did with your laundry just two or three weeks ago. I generally like the rain but once in a while it gets me down. I am also pretty clumsy. I walk into things more than I like to admit and I always find bruises but cannot figure out where they came from. I am sorry you are having an off day and I hope you are able to cheer up soon. Just look at that super cute kitty giving up. Hopefully that cute kitty can get you to smile a little if nothing else. Keep your chin up.

    • Edde said,

      🙂 thank you.

      i’m glad i’m not the only sharpie-obsessed, weather-dependent forgetful klutz! hehehe… 😉

  3. Stacy said,

    I so relate to being spacey that way and forgetting stuff. I forget to actully turn the washing machine on all the time. I love your pic of the nurse at the nurses station. It’s so annoying how they ignor you isn’t it?! So funny about the book!

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