April 18, 2010

Music of the Night

Posted in recovery tagged , , , at 8:22 pm by eddejae

Ok ok. Love Josh Groban. Love this song. Not his best performance, but it’s still beautiful.

But I have to be honest – the reason I’m posting this is not to soliloquize on JG’s mesmerizing vocal skills or the genius of Andrew Lloyd Webber. No. I am posting this because of the look on Josh’s face when he sings “where you long to BEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!”


I watched it about ten times and laughed out loud every single time.

Enjoy 😉



  1. ivypixi said,

    Thank you!!!

  2. IdentityBreaks said,


  3. Bethany said,

    Hehehe, one of the best moments ever.

  4. bpdisme said,

    I LOVE That song. Quite often have I quoted the lyrics. Very true, moving, and passionate.

    • Edde said,


      After hearing it I went and downloaded all of Phantom of the Opera lol.

  5. Zammity said,


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