May 5, 2010


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Dear Readers,

I must extend my deepest apologies for neglecting you these past few days. I have been quite overwhelmed with a multitude of emotions, thoughts, events, and the like, and have not had the opportunity nor *gasp* the inclination to blog. For this, I confess, I do feel some measure of guilt and not a small amount of trepidation that my heretofore faithful readers shall begin to lose whatever faith they had in my consistency of posting. However, I must give myself credit where credit is due and admit to myself that I have been under a considerable amount of stress as of late and, as such, deserve a much-needed break from the word of facebook, WordPress, Yahoo, and other such social networking sites.

Ok, enough of that.

So, as I was saying, I’ve been quite preoccupied with two very important males in my life. First, my wonderful boyfriend. And second, my little brother (who is not technically my little brother, but may as well be – I’ve basically adopted him as such). Most of my time has been divided between these two amazing people who I love so dearly. I have been especially worried about my brother and have been doing whatever I can to keep him afloat. He also deals with severe depression and I have been trying my hardest to be there for him and help him work through this.  On top of all this, I have been working to deal positively and effectively with the emotions that still seem to come out of nowhere at random times, triggered by random events, and that is exhausting in and of itself.

I also have some big news that I will have to wait until tomorrow to share as I am too exhausted at this moment to write any further.

I have a million things I want to expound upon in the next several posts, and I am therefore anxious to get back to my normal blogging schedule tomorrow.

Take care, my friends!



  1. Debbi Revell said,

    Hi Edde….

    This is the first time i have read your blog and i have to say i am very impressed with your writing skills! Maybe you should think of writing a book and getting it published? I reckon it would be a great success.

    Keep up the good work!

    Debbi Revell. xxx

    • Edde said,

      Thank you so much Debbi! My goal is to publish a book one of these days! I just need to make the time to do it! 🙂 xo

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