May 6, 2010

Temporarily Out of Order :(

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Wow, I feel like such a flake!

If it’s not one thing, it’s another!

I’ve come down with some kind of nasty virus… Sore throat, fever, body aches. On top of that, I’ve just doubled my dosage of Topomax which is causing numbness and tingling in my face and arms as well as extreme dizziness. I’ve been feeling worse and worse as the day goes on. I knew I should have written my blog post earlier in the day! But nooOOoo (*insert voice inflection*)… Ms. Procrastination here waits until she feels as sick as a dog and can’t write more than a few sentences without wanting to collapse onto the keyboard!

As such, my futile promises of engagement details will have to wait until tomorrow… morning. Yes, I’m making myself write first thing in the morning. An unusual occurrence, as my writing juices are usually hesitant to flow until after the sun goes down… So that will be an interesting experiment. You will all just have to bear with me.

I am off to sleep away this nasty illness. Hopefully my immune system is kind to me tonight!



  1. Debra said,

    you need to rest and drink plenty of fluids , ok?

  2. Debbi Revell said,

    Get well soon Edde. xxx

  3. stacy said,

    So sorry you’re feeling crummy. Take some time for rest.

  4. bpdisme said,

    Feel better! *HUGS*

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