May 17, 2010

The Fly

Posted in recovery tagged , , , , , , at 12:20 am by eddejae

An innocuous fly trapped in a

Grimy, cracked mayonnaise jar,

Thrashing its nervous, fragile frame,

Increasingly battered, against

The blemished glass –

Up, down, left, right,

Backwards, frontwards, sideways.

Despite the futility of its perpetual movement,

It goes on and on and on, unstoppable,

Though it knows not quite why or what for.

Dizzy, dumbfounded, disoriented,

Racked with spasms and mind-numbing panic,

Mind frozen in a monotonous state of confusion.

The universe on the breathable dimension of the

Deceptive doorway to freedom is unreachable –

Yet, this fact, ungrasped by the miniscule brain

Of the miniature fly with a million eyes wide shut,

Continues its frenzied dance as liberty

Dangles, cruelly tantalizing, on an existential string.

Purely functional, unconscious, and incapable

Of rewarding the fly’s nigh Puritan persistence,

The glass jar gives no indication of giving way,

Until, at long last, the fly collapses onto its now-broken back,

Exhausted and bleeding  from the fight against

Its own false perception of reality.

One leg jerks in one last gasp

Of hope…

And is still.


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  1. slpmartin said,

    How well you use the fly as a symbol of the mental processes…such an excellent poem!

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