July 1, 2010

Seven Days of Sunset ~ Day 5…

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I have no never-again, I have no always. In the sand
Victory abandoned its footprints.
I am a poor man willing to love his fellow men.
I don’t know who you are. I love you. I don’t give away thorns, and I don’t sell them.

Maybe someone will know that I didn’t weave crowns
to draw blood; that I fought against mockery;
that I did fill the high tide of my soul with truth. I repaid vileness with doves.

I have no never, because I was different–
Was, am will be. And in the name
Of my ever-changing love I proclaim a purity.

Death is only the stone of oblivion.
I love you, on your lips I kiss happiness itself.
Let’s gather firewood. We’ll light a fire on the mountain.

~Pablo Neruda

This has been the fifth day of sunset…



  1. Debra said,

    as always; beautiful 😉

  2. abichica said,

    im new to your blog and i absolutely love this.. 🙂

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