May 6, 2013

A Note from Todd

Posted in recovery at 3:32 pm by eddejae

Hello everyone,

This is Todd, Edde’s husband. I happen to be going through my email and found a link I saved to this journal. I know it has been a few years since Edde last posted so I wanted to let you all know that she is doing very well. We just bought a house and are expecting our first child next month. Edde has come so far and has changes from night and day since she last wrote here. She has become the most positive inspiration in my life and a light to all around her. I just wanted to let you all know that hope is never lost, and change is never impossible. It took time, but with love and patience, she has won the fight. She has been off meds for more than two years, and been stable ever since.
Ever day I am amazed and in awe of how far she has come in a few years. The light in her eyes is without equal. Since being married to Edde my heart has always held a special concern for those with BPD, seeing the day to day struggles and the constant heart ache that accompanies both those who are diagnosed and those close to them. So please, if there is anything that Edde or I can do, we are here. We may not be available all the time, but I have set up an email for Edde and myself specifically for those of you that need someone to talk to. If you are suffering from BPD or know someone that does and need someone to talk to, please feel free to email and ask. Our hearts and prayers go out to you all every night. We know what you are going through and we know how each side feels. We have experience and we want to help. Mind you we are just two people, we are in no way a substitute for professional help, but we can supplement it with support with love and understanding. So please, if there is any question you may have please feel free to write us at:

In the subject line please put “Edde” followed by your subject if you want to write to her or “Todd” and your subject if you want to write to me.

God Bless you all,