March 25, 2010

Eet Eet Eet…

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I had all the best intentions of writing about my experience with my new therapist today, but I am so emotionally drained that I’m just not going to push it. I will probably be able to think about it clearer after a good night’s sleep anyways. Right now I’m simply  going to pop some popcorn and watch a comedy I picked up from Redbox called “Paper Heart” and relax from the intense mental/emotional work I did. Ok now I feel lame… I should be able to bounce right back, right? Instead of crying all of the way home and wishing I had my old therapist back? Ugh… I need to stop beating myself up. And over-thinking. Ok, fine, I’m done… I know, I’ll post a song that my friend shared with me a couple of weeks ago. It always seems to lighten my mood a bit… (Seriously, I bet you can’t listen to this without feeling at least somewhat more cheerful)… Ok really, I’m done writing now!